Abstraction through Thumbnail Sketching at Snowshill Manor NT – Tansy Hargan

2023-01-13T11:58:05+00:00January 4th, 2023||

This workshop will be based in the gardens and orchard of National Trust property, Snowshill Manor, just a 5 min drive outside Broadway village. Snowshill Manor is a beautiful Cotswold Stone manor house built c1550 and restored by architect, artist, poet and craftsman Charles Paget Wade. The terraced gardens here are the perfect place to unwind [...]

Mixed Media Thumbnail Sketching – Tansy Hargan

2023-01-04T15:14:20+00:00January 4th, 2023||

This workshop focuses on using a viewfinder and thumbnail grid to crop and sketch multiple compositions across a sketchbook spread using mixed media. The rhythm and momentum of the method makes for an immersive and productive session, resulting in an array of annotated miniature scenes, which may simply be a stand-alone pleasure or could feed [...]

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