“Broadway Arts Festival, the place to be. Right up there amongst the top festivals in the UK!”

“One of the best overall programmes of events I have seen. I wanted to go to everything!”

“A brilliant event, bringing people together in a fantastically positive way!”

“Top notch artists, performances and experiences.”

“The FRIENDLY Arts Festival.”

“Loved it, loved it, just loved it!”

“Fun festival and an opportunity to learn and improve my skills.”

“Bravo! Outstanding in every respect.”

“Who knew I had a pottery chicken inside me, waiting to hatch out?”

“Lots of great artists all in one place giving demos and workshops! Fabulous”

“From Ceramics to Caravaggio!”

“Something to stimulate the artist in everyone.”

A wonderful mix of entertainment and chances to learn from talented and exciting artists to suit all ages and abilities. Well done!”

Loved the workshop I attended. Fun, creative and well taught.”

“Pride & Prejudice was outstanding – totally laugh out loud.”

“Well priced, great setting, friendly and inspiring. Loved it.”

A fantastic festival for all people who love the Arts.”

Reaction to John Noott’s Exhibition: Art of the Great War 1914-1918

Haunting & inspiring”

“Interesting & moving”

 “Superb paintings and prints beautifully displayed

 “A moving reminder of the Great War in this centenary of its end.”

 “Super pictures that bring the war to life.”

 “Thought provoking, moving and sad.