Arts Bursaries

Every year, The Broadway Festival Trust awards grants of between £500-£2000+ to local students starting or in full time education in the arts. This bursary applies to students studying Fine Art, Applied Arts, Music or the Performing Arts. The grants are awarded in order to help students with course expenses and foreign travel for their field of study.

Priority is given to applicants who currently reside in the parish of Broadway or have a WR12 postcode, but applications are also considered from neighbouring areas.

The festival and Charitable Trust aims to maintain and develop Broadway’s artistic heritage as an established venue for artistic excellence. The student arts grants play a pivotal role in this.

How do you qualify?

  • You must be 18 or over on September 1st and about to start or in full time education in the arts on a degree or postgraduate course at a University or College
  • Priority will be given to applicants who currently reside or, if already having started a course, have a family residential address in the WR12 postcode, but applications will be considered from neighbouring areas.

Applications for 2024 bursaries are now open!

How to apply:

Applicants should download, print and complete the application form and submit it (via hardcopy/post) with any materials you wish to provide to support your application.

The application deadline is 5pm on Monday 9th October 2023

Please note: Late applications will not be considered.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited for interview (in Broadway) in December 2023 with the bursaries awarded in December 2023/January 2024. Please prepare for your interview and bring along examples of your prior work, or provide website links.

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit a short presentation in the form of video, Powerpoint or pdf to demonstrate their work and achievements, as well as a photograph of themselves that may be used by the festival for promotional purposes if their application is successful.

Students can apply each year for a maximum of 3 years’ funding.

If you have any queries about the bursaries or application process, please contact us by email at

10 bursaries were awarded to students at the end of 2022 on a wide range of courses from the world of film, drama and photography to music, vocal performance, interior design and textiles.

The increase in the monies available for arts bursaries has been made possible thanks to the huge success of the Broadway Arts Festival, and the support of the festival Benefactors and sponsors.

Laura Coppinger

Laura Coppinger from Broadway is studying Vocal Performance at Royal Conservatoire Scotland.

Laura commented: “Winning the bursary has given me the means to finish my masters degree in vocal studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where I can continue to develop as a classical singer.”


William Smith

William Smith from Chipping Campden is studying Music at the University of Bristol. 

William commented: “The bursary has significantly helped fund my living expenses through uni as well as funding composition software and university society memberships and events.”



Grace Parkinson-Johns

Grace Parkinson-Johns from Evesham is studying Textiles at Cardiff Metropolitan University. 

Grace commented: “This award will help to fund special materials and equipment to allow me to explore different techniques and ideas within my work. As I am now in the final year of my degree, the bursary will help me to create a professional exhibition for my graduate show as well as contributing to the opportunity to display my work at New Designers in London.” 


Isla Grelak

Isla Grelak from Broadway is studying Interior Architecture & Design at Nottingham Trent University. 

Isla commented: “I am very honoured that the Broadway Arts Festival have agreed to award me a bursary for the second year. I will use it to buy new materials and software which will make my work even better, and more efficient. Not only this, but it will help further enhance my work as it will enable me to visit locations and sites of other architects and designers whose work I aspire to.” 


Toby Richardson

Toby Richardson from Evesham is studying Fashion Design at Birmingham City University. 

Toby commented: “The bursary has enabled me to improve the quality of work I produce.  Fashion Design is a very expensive course and the bursary funds provides me with numerous opportunities to explore my field of study.” 


Ben Morris

Ben Morris from Evesham is studying Music & Sound Production at the University of Winchester. 

Ben commented: “Being awarded the bursary has made a tremendous difference to the quality of my university work. With the very generous bursary I brought a MacBook laptop. This was important for my course as without it I couldn’t complete my work to as high of a standard as I did; without the ability to work outside of university.” 


Rosie Risdale

Rosie from Broadway is in her first year studying Photography at University of West of England.

Rosie commented: “Because of the Broadway Arts Festival bursary I don’t need to worry about the cost of printing and being able to pursue my passion for photography in a far more professional environment. I can now produce work that I’ve never been able to consider because of the cost of living crisis and the fluctuations in the industry and I’ll be forever grateful for this supportive bursary helping young artists like myself.”


Steven Nichols

Charlotte Akerman

Charlotte from Willersey is in her 1st  year of Musical Theatre at Italia Conti, London.

Charlotte commented: “I feel so grateful that I have been given this bursary as a young performer in training. It has allowed me to get the absolute most out of my time at drama school. Without it I would not be able to participate in extra classes and acquire a wider range of skills such as aerial and tricks . This will no doubt help me in my future career and I hope to be able to give back in the future to the broadway arts festival and help someone else like it helped me.


Amy Keep

Amy Keep from Childswickham is studying Fashion Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University. 

Amy commented: “Being awarded the Bursary has meant I can afford materials for my course and afford to go on trips to London to further my research.” 


Charlotte Pye

Charlotte Pye from Chadbury is studying Film & Television Production at the University of York. 

Charlotte commented: “Winning the bursary has meant I could buy filming equipment that has landed me my first professional credits and paid jobs in the film industry. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities this bursary has afforded me.”