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June 8-10

artBEAT is the new exciting opening 3 day weekend event for Broadway Arts Festival showcasing the work of some of Britain’s top artists, designers and artisans.

There will be live demonstrations & workshops led by internationally renowned contemporary artists including Ann Blockley, Tony Allain, Jerry Fresia, Trevor Waugh, Catherine Hyde , Este MacLeod and Jake Winkle. They will take place in The Lifford Hall and tickets start at just £5.

See the full list of artBEAT specialist demonstrations

Throughout the weekend the marquee on the village green will feature printmakers, sculptors, jewellers, ceramicists, designer-makers and a host of traditional artisans demonstrating their skills & selling their work direct to the public. (Free entry)

artBEAT marquee exhibitors include:

Carole Bury - textiles

Alice Shepherd - ceramics

Ros Ingram - ceramics 

Robin Walden - ceramics

Anatole Design Jewellery - cloth

Binks Edmonds - ceramics

Laure Filho - jewellery

Hilary LaForce - ceramics

Amanda Glanville - glass beaded jewellery

Eliza Douglas - perfumery

Catherine Hyde - drawing / illustration

Rachel Higgins - wire sculpture/automata

Jayne Tricker - Ceramics & sculptural mobiles

Susie Early - willow

Mary Maggs - various including felt & ceramics

Catherine Binnie - stone sculpture

Niki Crew - Fused glass

Rachael Thorogood - wire sculpture

Claire Billingsley ceramics 

Liha Beauty - skincare

Steve Buck - jewellery

Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative

David Baldwin - wood sculpture

Poppy Crew & Miles Tewson - Illustration

Claire Unwin - crochet

Judy Boyt - Sculpture

David Lovemore - wood & stone

Wendy Stafford - Stained Glass

Stanton Guildhouse - various including glass & woodturning

WTS Designer Maker collective  - jewellery, willow, ceramic, crochet & sculptural mobiles.

Stroud Artist’s Book Group

Search Press - huge selection of top arts & crafts books to browse & buy

Artshop - comprehensive selection of art materials & a try-and-buy area for Derwent products

artBEAT demonstrations are kindly sponsored by Karndean Design Flooring

Go ahead, plan your visit!