These items were auctioned by Live Auction on 7th July by Phillip Serrell. We’d like to thank Phillip for hosting such a fun and informal auction. Who knew we’d all want to get involved! We’d also like to thank all those that did attend on the day and especially those that got involved and made their bids! Thank you.

So did you guess which were the Mystery Masterpieces by the following renowned artists? You can now find out by hovering over each of the live auction images – when the artists name will be revealed.

  • Ann Blockley RI SWA
  • Deborah Walker RI RSMA
  • Edward Noott RBSA
  • Sir Roy Strong CH FRSL
  • Gary Long
  • Tony Allain PS PSA MC-IAPS MPANZ
  • Charlie Calder-Potts
  • Antonia Black
  • Niki Hare
  • Thorie Hinds
  • Robin Richmond ARWS

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