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Broadway Arts Festival is giving the public the chance to snap up original artwork by internationally renowned and emerging artists for as little as £25!

Showcasing British painters, illustrators, printmakers and photographers while helping to raise funds for the Broadway Arts Festival in 2023, school outreach programmes and local student arts bursaries. 

Maybe you’ll spot a future rising star and get hold of a great investment? 

Which will see the greatest interest and get the highest bids? Professional or amateur?

Artists! Is this your opportunity to be discovered?!

The online auction is taking place on our website from 5th to the 26th February 2022 – over 80 small artworks donated anonymously by talented professional and amateur artists. 

The opening bid for all these pieces is just £25. This is an exciting opportunity to purchase a mini ‘mystery masterpiece’ with all works being A4 in size, or smaller (unframed). 

Once bidding closes at 8pm on the 26th, all will be revealed when the artists’ names are published alongside their work on the website.

If you are interested in bidding in the online auction, please create an account on the website by registering your email address.

A huge thank you to the artists for generously donating so many wonderful pieces of art!

Visit the Mystery Masterpiece Auction page for all the information and to start bidding on the Mystery Masterpieces!


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