• Auction Bidders:

    1. A bid on an item is considered a contract and should you win the item you are obliged to purchase it at the price you bid. You can bid for as many items as you like but you need to keep in mind that you could win all items bid on.
    2. This online auction includes ‘proxy bidding’ allowing bidders to place a ‘Maximum Bid’. This means that if you place a Maximum bid you have to be prepared to pay that price should it become the winning bid. Please read the guidance carefully to ensure you understand how this works.
    3. The minimum incremental bid is £5 although bids can be in any amount above this minimum £5 increment.
    4. The name of the artist will only be revealed after the Auction is over on the evening of March 17th 2024.
    5. Broadway Arts Festival will post out items to the winning bidder once payment has been received. We will use the postal address linked to your account. If you do NOT wish us to post the item to you at this address you must contact us to let us know at info@broadwayartsfestival.com
    6. If payment is not received within 1 week Broadway Arts Festival reserve the right to offer the item to the next highest bidder or to relist the item for auction.
    7. Broadway Arts Festival will not enter into a discussion about bidding prices with individual bidders.
    8. Can I retract a bid? Generally speaking it is not possible to retract a bid. However, if you accidentally bid the wrong amount it may be possible to correct this. For example, you meant to bid £40 , not £400. In this case you should contact us as soon as you become aware of the error at info@broadwayartsfestival.com. Broadway Arts Festival will make a decision depending on the current state of play in the auction and the timing of your request.  We will always aim to assist where a genuine mistake has been made.
    TIP- when bidding always double-check that you’ve entered the correct amount especially when making a last minute bid!
  • Contributing Artists:

    1. Work donated for the Auction will be made available to view/purchase through the Online Auction on www.broadwayartsfestival.com.
    2. We ask for just one donation per artist.
    3. Proceeds from the sale of these items will contribute towards the 2025 Broadway Arts Festival Programme, outreach programmes with our local schools and annual art student bursaries.
    4. Once donated, items contributed will become the property of Broadway Arts Festival and in the event that they are not sold during the auction, can be used by Broadway Arts Festival to raise funds at future events. The artist can also request that their masterpiece be returned to them (collection from Broadway).
    5. Items contributed to the auctions are to remain anonymous until the winning bid is announced and the Auction is over. Artists should therefore not identify their works, for example on Social Media, until after the auctions are over.