Place your bids!

Our online Mystery Masterpiece Auction has now started, your chance to snap up original artwork by internationally renowned and emerging artists. The bidding starts at just £25.
  • Maybe you’ll spot a future rising star and get hold of a great investment?
  • Which will see the greatest interest and get the highest bids? Professional or amateur?
This is an exciting opportunity to purchase a piece of original art, a mini ‘mystery masterpiece’ with all works being approximately A4 or smaller and unframed.
We can post masterpieces to winning bidders across the UK for a flat fee of £7.50 or you can opt for free local pickup.
Once bidding closes at 8pm on the 17th March, all will be revealed when the artists’ names are published alongside their work on the website.
Funds raised go towards our outreach programme with local primary & secondary schools and our bursary programme for students studying at university for a career in the arts.
A huge THANK YOU to the 80 artists who have so kindly donated their work.