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Ticket Prices & Booking Fees

We use Eventbrite for our online ticketing to keep our overheads as a charity to a minimum.

Like most ticket agencies Eventbrite charge a service/booking fee (a % of the ticket price). Broadway Arts Festival in no way benefits from the booking fee or takes a cut.
Realising the booking fee is applied to all ticket sales we have kept all of our ticket prices at 2016 levels.

We feel our ticket prices are very reasonable starting at just £5 to see internationally acclaimed artists and performers. You will find similar classical music concerts, for example, at other festivals cost 30-50% more at least… £23 or £35, not the £12.50 + booking fee we charge.

If we had to run a booking office or create our own online ticketing system our ticket prices would increase significantly. So we do hope you understand.

Unfortunately Eventbrite does not have shopping basket capability. This means that you need to purchase tickets for different events at the festival separately, but once you input your details for your first order they are auto-filled for any further purchases to speed the process. Apologies, this is beyond our control.

Thank you for your understanding.