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Led by renowned sculptor Rachel Higgins in this workshop you will create a 3D wire cube using wire work tools with a mechanical crank inside and step by step see it transformed into a mechanical flying bird with flapping wings.
When everyone has made a wire bird automata we shall use the techniques learned to make static 3D wire animal sculptures, looking at a variety of artists as inspiration.
Those of you feeling ambitious may want to bring simple mechanics into your animal structures.
About Rachel Higgins:
Rachel Higgins studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University 1990-1993. Whilst there she was influenced by the work of Alexander Calder, Muybridge and The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. Those influences along with being brought up on a farm lead to the creation of metal animals, many of which were mechanical. The human/animal relationship is a recurrent theme, as the use of hand cranks suggests.
Rachel uses non ferrous metals in wire and perforated sheet to produce a drawn 3D form and delicate effect. She exhibits all over the country and has run workshops as far away as the Inner Hebrides. She won a travel scholarship whilst at college 1993, First Time Exhibitors Award at Chelsea Crafts Fair in 1999 and The Creative Ambition Award from West Midlands Arts in 2002. Her work has also appeared on Blue Peter!
Her workshop is based in Long Marston, where the animals around her influence her sculptures.
Rachel is married to fellow artist James Fotheringhame and they have two boys, who have brought new animal influences through wildlife parks and rock pooling.
A light lunch will be included of sandwiches, a cold drink and a tea or coffee.
Limited to 15 Participants

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