Didn’t make it to the fascinating World War I exhibition at The Broadway Museum & Art Gallery during this year’s art festival

Good news, it’s still on, until 12th September and is getting some excellent reviews.

 Haunting & inspiring”

 “Interesting & moving”

 “Superb paintings and prints beautifully displayed

 “A moving reminder of the Great War in this centenary of its end.”

 “Super pictures that bring the war to life.”

 “Thought provoking, moving and sad.

 Showing the humour as well as the horror, on the front line and the home front, this exhibition is a curated mix of original art and print by both official war artists and amateurs from the collection of art dealer John Noott. In a time when the last surviving veterans are no longer with us, it offers us a fascinating first-hand insight into one of the most significant events in modern world history.

 Born in 1932, John Noott well remembers talk of the Great War as the country was busy preparing itself for the Second World War. These were formative events in a young life and proved to be foundational for a later passion that has seen John gather together an important collection of war art, during his 50 years as an art dealer.